We do laser cutting on most of the materials that we Laser Engrave on. The only materials that we do not laser cut but cut with a cnc cutter is Brass, Aluminuim and Glass.

The laser cutting works best with MDF wood, Plexi Glass, Rowmark, ABS, Perspex, Rubber and Paper. Laser cutting cutline gets set up with a soft ware program called Coral Darw. The reason for this is that when you would like us to cut a profile out of any of above mentioned materials we need to draw it sothat we get a vector format of the profile that the machine then use to do the Laser cutting.

As this may be new to a lot of people, please let us know if you have any questions about the Laser Cutting.



ABS Laser cut outs

Perspex &Laser Cut outs

Wooden Chair Laser Cut outs

Wooden Box laser cut outs

LP Shooter Tray

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