Our laser engraving is done by an ARGUS Laser Engraving Machine.The bed size that we use to do Laser Engraving on is between 700mm and500mm.We also have a Fibre engraver for stainless steel and other meatls with a bed size of 700 x 500mm. We can also do laser engraving 200mm in hight and 360o, buy this we mean we can engrave with the laser right around a glass orsilinder. Here is a list of the materials that we can use to laser engrave on: Rowmark, Wood, Plastick, P

We make a big range of Self Inking Rubber Stamps. There are different size's of Self Inking Rubber stamps that you can order from us. The most inportant thing to remember when ordering a Self Inking Rubber stamp is that, the easier the information is the better the self inking Rubber stamp will show your detail. Meaning that if you would like a fancy font on the rubber stamp your detail may not show that nice after being stamped by the self inking Rubber Stamp. We do supply a range of sto

This range of wooden stamps is custom made and is exclusive to us here at Jakaranda Engravers. The wooden stamps was developed as we got requestes from customers and retailers for a range of wooden stamps. These wooden stamps are used in different sectors of our business partners businesses.. Therange of the wooden stampshas only 10 different sizes at the moment, but we can make or add more as we get the requests from customers for the sizes. Please feel free to ask us to

We do laser cutting on most of the materials that we Laser Engrave on. The only materials that we do not laser cut but cut with a cnc cutter is Brass, Aluminuim and Glass. The laser cutting works best with MDF wood, Plexi Glass, Rowmark, ABS, Perspex, Rubber and Paper. Laser cutting cutline gets set up with a soft ware program called Coral Darw. The reason for this is that when you would like us to cut a profile out of any of above mentioned materials we need to draw it so that we get a vecto

Metal Marking is done by using a cutter similar to cnc metods. We do metal marking on materials like brass andaluminuim. After doing the metal marking would fill the marking in the metal with a color that works the best when using one color This can be like brass docters boards filled with black and silver plates filled with black then we make the back boards that this noramaly wood like Kiaat, Rose wood and a few others the plaes are fitted on. So if there is any questions

Diamond scratching most of us would know as the way jewellery would be marked. We diamond scratching Annidised Aluminuims, stainless steel, gun metals, knife blades, cutlery, kitchen sets, metal casing pens, memory stick casings, the inside of rings, dog tags, pet tags, medalions, trophy plaques, carbon bits, plastick lenses and a few other materials. If diamond scratching is not a methode you know well, please ask us and we would be glad to help.

We supply and manufacture a range of Name Badges. The materials we use to manufacture the Name Badges with are ABS, Perspex, Rowmark, MDF Wood, Plexi Glass and we use Laser Engraving for the lettering of the Name Badges that we then cover with resin called doming. You do not need to use doming.You may just engrave and use it like that. The Name badges then are ronded of with a Magnet or a pin at the back of the Name Badge. You as client have the choice of how the Name badges are asse

We do supply a range of 21st Trophies that is made custom or standard for you. The 21st Trophies we make are from Perspex, Wood, Wood and perspex, Glass and a few other materials. So if you have a need for something different you are at the right place to get what you need or want. 21st Trophies has tend to become expensive but with us you may find something for your budget! Have a look a

Tags are normally made of metal like dog tags from the army that we use today to put our details on for incase of emergencies. We supply different colors of the dog tags and the tradditional one. Then we supply tags for dogs and cats in metal and rowmark. These tags are used to make sure our dogs and cats as our pets does not run away and get lost. The tags will have the owners detail on and so can be treast back to you. Her

We make custom wooden trophies with a lot of different figures that can be chopped and changed as you need it for your function or occation. There is more than one shape of wooden thropie and a load of different figures to choose from. Please contact us if you need assistance in making the right choice for your buget and function at

We supply a range of safty signs that are avalible in ABS and Aluminium. - Aluminium safty signs are cut in to the material and filled with ink on a standard size of 15cm x 15cm - ABS safty signs are screen printed on to ABS also on a size of 15cm x 15cm. - The ABS signs can also be printed as a sticker and then applied to ABS. - We can also use chromo deck and put cut out safty signs on this also on a size of 15cm x 15cm. So let us know what your needs are and we will send you th

We make key holders that fits the need or budget of our customers. This we do out of a range of different materials that we have. We help with the design and then make a sample that is payable before delivery. We also have a normal range that can be branded in different ways and this will be the choice of our customers. If there is a need for more information on the materials and designs, let us know or come and visit us.

We do have a wide range of materials that can be engraved on, that can be cut and both engraved and cut at one time. Here is a short list of materials that we use; - Plexi glass, that is very similar to perspex and comes in different colors, also has different thicknesses. - Rowmark, that is a laminated product and also comes in a big range of colors. - MDF wood, that is a recycled wood that we use and this comes in thickness of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm, some color like dark brown, yellow an

These boxes are hand made to the need of customers. Some of them are standerd designed boxes. Materials we use to make them are MDF wood, Pine and mostly Kiaat. If you would like us to make any one of the boxes you have or we need to design, please contact us for the pricing. We also supply a range of different clasps and hinches.You will see that we have a big range of extra's for boxes.

Here you will find a big range of 21st keys to buy and make a trophy or gift.Make sure u choose the right color and size for your gift or trophee.Hope to here from you soon!!

In this groupyou will fined all the different blank keyholders you can use to make with your own design.The design will be in the form of a domed sticker that will be placed in the centre where the blank space are.The sizes are mostly 25mm in diameter or will be advised the size if different.Pleas contact use for moer information!!!