We do have a wide range of materials that can be engraved on, that can be cut and both engraved and cut at one time.

Here is a short list of materials that we use;

- Plexi glass, that is very similar to perspex and comes in different colors, also has different thicknesses.

- Rowmark, that is a laminated product and also comes in a big range of colors.

- MDF wood, that is a recycled wood that we use and this comes in thickness of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm, some color like dark brown, yellow and white laminated MDF.

- ABS, this is a plastick based product that is for budget cut outs and also have a few colors and thicknesses.

- All papers and cartbords we can cut from any shape on your request.

- Thriplex for all the model builders and students.

- Laserlight materials that is also engravable.



This is just some.