We are proud to be doing custom laser engraving and laser cutting on most materials on request since 2009 for customers all over South Africa!!

We proud ourselves on quality work,  fair pricing, and short turnaround time to our business partners.

Jakaranda Engravers was started as a small hand engraving business in Pretoria by one owner seeking to grow with customers as their request and trust grew with Jakaranda Engravers.

After a short time, Jakaranda Engravers grew into electronic engraving at the request of our customers and their needs.

Jakaranda Engravers then expanded the range of materials to be used for engraving and manufacturing gifts and special items for ower trusted and loyal customers.. 

This shortly took Jakaranda Engravers to Fibre Engraving witch are engraving on stainless steel and brass items. Jakaranda Engravers opened new opportunities for small gifts and businesses that now supply their customers with a bigger range of personal gifts and ways of doing laser engraving. 

This was followed by laser cutting of laminated wood that is supplied in 15 colours. The thickness that is most popular with Jakaranda Engravers when laser cutting wood is 3mm and less so 6mm.

Jakaranda Engravers today after 11 years of laser cutting and laser engraving are still growing into new opportunities with all our customers that are big and small.

We welcome all new and old customers to grow with us!!

The Jakaranda Engravers Team