Our laser engraving is done by an ARGUS Laser Engraving Machine.The bed size that we use to do Laser Engraving on is between  700mm and 500mm. We can also do laser engraving 200mm in hight and 360, buy this we mean we can engrave with the laser right around a glass or silinder. Here is a list of the materials that we can use the laser engrave on: Rowmark, Wood, Plastick, Plexi Glass, Leather, Paper, MDF Wood, Sticker Film, Gravo, Annedised Aluminuim, Stainless Steel, Cristal, Powder Coated Metals and CD's.

Laser Engraving can be used for marking Corporate Gifts, the making of name tags and many more!

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Laser engraving on glass

Silver Rowmark Laser Engraving

Desk and door plates Engraved

Film & Sticker Engraving
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